Matador Wash-off


Once a year, Cal-State Northridge students volunteer and join forces with Bright Beginnings and host a Car Wash. This event takes place on the Cal-state Northridge campus (B2 parking lot, corner of Nordhoff street and Darby) on Thursday, April 2. This fundraiser is one of our favorites and is the most successful one too. We are honored to have such hard working and selfless students take time out of their busy schedules to help children in need. We all look forward to this activity, not only does it collect money for our cause, but coming together and working as a team is a guaranteed great time. We bring snacks and refreshments for our team and offer it to our customers too for a low cost. All accompanied by great music and company! All volunteers are welcome to bring friends. The more the merrier! Meeting new people and making new friends is an amazing way to spread the word about our cause and expand our connections. Any volunteers who are wondering where the parking lot is, here is the school map where you can locate parking structure B2.

Here is a picture of some of our students who came out and supported us last year:


Each group of four volunteers are put into a team and a little friendly competition heats things up. At the end of our fundraiser the team with the most money raised wins a prize (5 tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain). Almost all of our volunteers return to participate in our fundraiser again each time. Not only does it help the less fortunate, but it’s a great deal of fun as well!

We would like to specially thank the Art Department of CSUN for donating all of the posters and signs used to promote the car wash. All of the money raised will go towards children from low income families in need of textbooks. Come support our social event and get your car looking spick and span, and for a chance to meet Matty the Matador.

  Matty want’s you there!



Annual Book Drive

Have any books that have been sitting on your shelf for years, and are you feeling generous to let another mind share the many stories behind a book? If yes, great!

Bright Beginnings is back at it this year with our annual book drive! Last year we received 20,000 books in our 3 day event. Our goal of 10,000 was completed within the first day! We were able to give Lawrence Middle School all of books for children to share and get from the library. This year, we are hoping to get double the amount of books we received last year, as all books will be sent to San Gabrielas Middle School. San Gabrielas would also like to thank every donator who has the chance to make an appearance at the book drive.

The three days will begin starting March 17, 18, and 19. We are located at 19324 West Peach street, Compton CA. Our location will be right in front of the public library. The library decided it was a good idea to have us host the book drive at the library, that way children can open free library cards while they are there.

For your generous donations, we will be be giving Bright Beginnings wrist bands that glow in the dark! Each wrist band comes with Bright Beginnings logo. For every book we receive, we will be giving one wristband, and to make it even better, you get to choose the color! With that said, Starbucks has decided to make things interesting for donators! For every wrist band we give out, the donator can go to a local Starbucks and receive any size coffee on March 20, 21, and 22. All you have to do is flash your bracelet to the Barista and you will have fresh ground coffee at the palm of your hands.

     +          =    

Come and support us at the Annual 3 day event Book Drive!

Tommy and his Classmates!

At the bottom, we have Tommy, one of our inspirations for our non profit organization. Tommy has blessed this organization to continue in supporting children in the greater Los Angeles area. Tommy was approached by us earlier this year. When we asked Tommy how he liked to pass time, he said “reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I can read almost every day! I have been reading my favorite book which is called James and the Giant Peace. I have been reading this book for a long time since it is the only book that I have”. When we heard about Tommy and his inspiration to learn, we decided it was time to give him a shelf worth of books. Here is Tommy reading a new book.

That was not the end of Tommy. We asked Tommy what he thought about education, and his response was better than before. Tommy said, “I enjoy reading books because I can imagine all the things in my head. I just wish my classmates in Mrs. Mortons class can read along with me”. After we discussed more questions with Tommy, it was clear that his classmates should get the same help as him. His priority was learning, but he wanted his classmates to have the same treatment as him. So we took his challenge to the next step and provided a day of readers to volunteer to read for the entire class.

On top of all that, Bright Beginnings was able to provide every student in Tommy’s class with many books that they can enjoy reading outside of Mrs. Mortons class. We were approached by Mrs. Morton, who was in tears. She said even though this was for the children, this was the best gift she has ever received. This is the book shelf Mrs. Morton had with books she purchased herself for the children to read as much as they want. The picture to the right, is the upgraded version after we decided to give Tommy and his classmates a helping hand.


The Importance of Children

This non profit foundation was created for the purpose of educating children, as education and knowledge is one of the most important benefits to a child. Unfortunately, more than one quarter (28.5%) of California’s poor children live in the Los Angeles county. More than 38% of Los Angeles County’s population live in economic hardship and 16.1% (or approximately 1.56 million people) live under the federal poverty limit (under $22,000 for a family of four). In 2009-2010, California schools have suspended more youth then the graduation rate. Bright Beginnings had many goals on our agenda, and one of them was giving children support to graduate. Los Angeles has had a massive decrease in the graduation rate, falling behind most counties in California.

In good news, Bright Beginnings has had a massive impact on the graduation rate. The Los Angeles Unified School District graduation rate of 77 percent for the 2013-2014 school year was 12 percentage points better than last year, the largest one year increase under a tracking system that dates from 2006-2007 school year. Bright Beginning has succeeded in improving the reading comprehension of children by providing them with the textbooks needed, as well as getting children to actively attend school without any worries. Bright Beginning has given children support in achieving success by providing necessary tools such as textbooks and supplies. Although we provide support for children, we can always use a helping hand in shaping Los Angeles county into becoming a successful place for children to successfully get education. For only donating a small amount of money, books, and supplies, you can change the lives of many children. Anything is appreciated.

Donations can be made below. For anyone who feels uncomfortable donating online, you can always give us a call and a live agent will be happy to take your call. Our number is 1877-702-2326. If you would like to email us for any questions, comments, or concerns, our email address is


Famous donators!

Bright Beginnings has been having bright supporters lately! We have had the greatest experience working with celebrities who have managed to fit Bright Beginnings into their schedule. We would like to thank the volunteer work they have contributed, and the generous donations gifted to children.

Below, we have our continuing guest, famous singer and songwriter, Shakira! This has been her fifth public speaking in Los Angeles this year, and her donations and support come along with her during all her visits. Shakira will be given an award by Bright Beginnings Achievement award for her continuous support in Bright Beginnings. We would like to thank Shakira for putting smiles on children’s faces and making Los Angeles a better place.

Justin Timberlake has been a generous donator this year, and his support for this organization was one of the most special times for every child’s life. Justin decided it was a great idea to give children a taste of life, and the challenges that life can throw. He also added that every challenge is accepted because the future will have a reward. He decided to reward the entire school with thousands of books, but he also set up a system where children who would have the best grades in their report cars would receive a bigger reward. Here he is below passing out Xbox game consoles that he brought himself to children with perfect grades:

Another famous supporter we have been seeing frequently is the one and only, Captain Jack Sparrow! He also goes by Johnny Depp. He comes to the events dressed as Jack Sparrow and entertains children. There are constant children running to take pictures with him and he comes prepared with a truck full of books every time.


We would also like to thank every donator, regardless of fame or fortune. Any donation is appreciated, and from the voices of all the children, Thank You.